Global Technologies Used in Business

Global technologies used in business

The business world has changed dramatically over the past decade. It was not long ago that the ultimate in business technology was a fax machine or a stand-alone word processor. The advancement in technology has resulted in a huge array of products, gadgets, and programs to help enhance all business processes. For detailed information on various business technologies, go to 

Without a doubt, the most significant advancement in technology has been the development of the internet, both in terms of infrastructure and its application. Often when people think of the “internet” they think of the World Wide Web, i.e. websites. However, the internet is much more than just the web of websites; it is all forms of digital communication. The internet is a global computer network that allows computers to exchange information over TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). This can include email, data transfer, and VoIP communication.

One rapidly growing area of the internet that is being driven by business needs is cloud-based IT services such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other data-driven business support solutions. These systems provide managers with close to real-time reports on how well their business is functioning. Rather than relying on monthly management accounting reports, the ERP system can produce live reports using data that has only just been input. When an entire production line is inputted into the ERP system, managers are able to react to change much faster, and this gives them a competitive edge over their rivals.

Today, technology and business go hand in hand. No businessperson would start a new business without utilizing some technology to help make the job easier. Although few companies have adopted complete solutions, such as ERP, many use email, websites, and customer databases.

Every modern business uses technology to some extent to help develop and grow. Even businesses that traditionally would not use any technology, such as bars and restaurants, are using social media to connect with their customers and to help persuade customers to return.

For example, some bars are using mobile phones to text information to customers about forthcoming promotions, and others use Facebook pages. Restaurants also make excellent use of websites where customers can review their experience – positive reviews can really help to develop new business.

Developing companies can use technology in the modern business world to grow because today so much of it is relatively cheap. If a business has a computer and an internet connection it can access free webmail, word processor, and spreadsheet software which it can use to help manage its contacts and administration. More information about business software can be found at  

There are many inspirational companies that are making inroads in their given fields through the innovative use of new technologies. Possibly the most powerful tool for business today is social media.

There are so many services on the internet now that can help a business grow. Some businesses are even finding success with online image-sharing websites. For example, Francesco Corallo uses Flickr to host positive images that can help to improve his brand and business reputation. Visually stunning imagery can help to leave a lasting impression on customers.

There are already so many ways to use technology in business, and we can expect to see more developments in the next few years. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful, and this is allowing software developers to build new Apps that are designed specifically to support businesses. There really does not appear to be any end in sight with regard to the advancement of technology, and this is great for business. To learn more about the various ways that technology is used in business, go to