Top 5 Affordable Sports Cars

Sports Cars

Those who love cars and are knowledgeable about them, know what a pleasure can it be to drive a sports car. However, they can be extremely expensive. That is because these cars are sleeker than ordinary cars, so they would face minimum resistance from atmospheric air. Fortunately, some car brands have made sports cars in an affordable range for people. They are priced very reasonably and one can buy them, at least in installments. Following, I have briefly described the top 5 affordable sports cars that are most popular around the world. Click here to get detailed information about automobiles.

Scion FR-S

In terms of price, this is very affordable as far as sports cars are concerned. On Average, it price ranges from $25,628 to $26,744. The rates depend on the luxury status of the car. It has a low center of gravity and a performance-tuned suspension which makes a superb handling. It offers all the facilities of a luxury car as well. The engine is situated far back, making tremendous improvements in the weight balance of the car.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Those who have seen this car had fallen in love at the sight at its tremendously cozy and compact body, which is downright cute! It does not have an enormous engine and yet when it comes to handling, there is hardly another better car at this price. On an average it costs from $23,317 to $29,621. It has a four-cylinder engine which is not extremely powerful like other sports automobiles, but just having one does not mean that one is really going to run a race!

Ford Mustang

Priced at around $22,265 to $60,368, this car is worth a buy. Those who are in love with the flamboyant exteriors of sports car will find that at affordable price, this car does a very good job of it.  Its engines are really powerful, ranging from a base V6 to a massive V8. It has a 6 speed manual transmission as well. However, a few things here and there in the interiors might not look absolutely world-class. But if one is too particular about the details that is perfect. You can also check out this website to get more details about auto repair and maintenance 

Nissan 370Z

With a price tag of about $33,078 – $43,713 it is another sports car that has made a mark. It has a V6 engine that is quite powerful. One of the drawbacks of low price is that the cabin is not as luxurious. It is also only a two seater car but has adequate leg space to sit comfortably. If you liked its shape and specs, be sure that this is a perfect car for speedy ride. For normal driving around in a sports car and enjoying occasional bursts of speed, this is ideal!

Chevrolet Camaro

The car is affordable since it is priced at $24,146 – $59,959. It is built in a much steadier fashion so that in case of accidents, they sustain minimum damage. The engine is a 326 horsepower V6. The design is at par with some of the best luxury sports cars. Moreover, since it is quite majestic in size, it has a very good turning radius, and superb handling. Some test drivers are of the opinion though that very tall drivers might get a bit uncomfortable. With these sports cars, it is possible to enjoy the ride that one has always wanted. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about purchasing the latest models of cars at affordable prices.