The Place that every True Golfer Must Visit


Now when golf became such a popular game everywhere, many countries are challenging Scotland’s primacy as a birthplace of this game. It turns out that similar game was popular in ancient Rome, and the Chinese remind that people in China played “gui van” – a kind of modern golf prototype in II-III centuries BC. It’s funny that the first written mention about golf, dated 1457 year, was not the praise of new game. In contrast, King James of Scotland forbade his soldiers to play golf as it distracted them from exercising in archery. If to leave the past alone, then we can simply say: golf has conquered the planet. If you want to learn more about golf, visit this dedicated website for further details.

Golf is extremely popular all around the world. As for the United States, then this country has long been a center of entertainment and leisure, so the world leadership in the number and quality of golf courses, of course, belongs to the New World. Famous golf resorts for the best vacations are located in Southern California, Arizona, Indiana and California. Yet Orlando, Florida is considered to be a golf capital, a Mecca for millions golfers from around the world. There are 150 fields of the highest class, Florida regularly hosts international tournaments, but what is the most important, it is a place where more than 100 top-level professionals live and play golf permanently. It is not a coincidence that Orlando is the number one city in the world to play golf and spend unforgettable vacations. Arnold Palmer is a person, who contributed to this fact greatly. The main star, the king of golf, a man whose career lasted for 50 years, he made this game attractive to millions. He was worshiped and imitated, and his numerous fans have been called Arnie Army till this day. From the first sight he was charmed with magnificent landscapes of southwestern part of Florida. Since that time, as Arnold Palmer has settled in Orlando, Florida he began turning Orlando into golf capital of the world. And as American movie stars prefer to live in Hollywood, many famous golfers choose Orlando as a place of residence. Get detailed information about sports and their stadiums on this dedicated website:

Professional tournaments with participation of high-end players are regularly held in Florida, including PGA (Professional Golf Association) annual tournament, which attract great public interest. It is another reason why Americans came to Florida on their vacations. The maximum prize fund of such tournaments reaches 12.5 million dollars. It should be noted that a lot of companies whose activities are related to golf, have headquarters here, including Golf Channel, Golf Week as well as Arnold Palmer golf design studio. In addition, the PGA Merchandise annual exhibition is held there, attracting up to 45 thousand of visitors. This exhibition is considered to be the largest in the world.

Florida attracts newcomers from all over the world. It is considered that local coaches can quickly and skillfully teach you to play golf. Orlando is famous for an abundance of world class golf instructors. Public and semi-public golf clubs such as Orange County National and Celebration Golf Club, Disney World resorts and Grand Cypress; exclusive private courses in Isleworth Country Club, Lake Nona Golf and Country Club and Bella Collina; elite resorts Champions Gate, Ginn Reunion Resort and Club, Mission Inn Golf and Tennis Resort are always ready to accept both experienced players and beginners.

Orlando is not just golf. It is generally a young, growing city, which is very suitable for family vacations. Local Disneyland, great climate and location, standards of living, and finally, tax advantages – all these factors make Orlando a promising place. Many people want to live here or spend their summer vacations. If you are interested in learning more about the best places for true golfers, then take a look at this website for further details.