Richard Burt

Richard Burt
Working as a content writer for this site. I am passionate about technology and writing about it.

What to Do When Worker’s Comp Doesn’t Work for You

Injuries can and do happen at work, and when they do, the worker is generally entitled to worker’s compensation. The laws regarding the compensation...

3 Steps for Buying a New Car

Before heading over to the dealership think about your ideal car. Disciplined buyers may find themselves giving into emotional urges so having a game...

The Building Blocks That Make a Good Pet Store

There are many things that go into making a really good pet store. This is especially the case with a Victoria BC pet store,...

How To Achieve Beauty on A Budget

In a recession, even our beauty program has suffered under austerity measures. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could look amazing for a fraction...

How To Make Your Child’s Birthday Party More Interesting with Biscotti Thins?

Sweetness is always welcomed by all age groups in all its manifestations and when it comes in the form of biscotti thins it is...


Richard Burt

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